Work has begun to help the church move smoothly through the next steps in the remit implementation process. On June 30, a majority of pastoral charges and presbyteries approved four remits that could fundamentally change our church. The changes proposed in the remits include a streamline three-council model, and a new financial arrangement among pastoral charges, communities of faith, regions, and the General Council.

All changes still have to be approved at General Council 43 in 2018. In preparation for that meeting, a Remit Implementation Task Group is now grappling with what structural and operating changes will be required, if the remits are given approval in 2018.

For more information about the Remit Implementation Task Group, please read this comprehensive series of questions and answers. Queries can also be sent to

In February of this year, remits 5, 7, and 8 all passed by a majority of votes from presbyteries.

Remit 5 – Ministry Partners within Mutual Recognition Agreements

Remit 7 – Candidacy Pathway

Remit 8 – A Step Towards a New Model of Membership

Votes on Remit 6: One Order of Ministry, the last category 3 remit, must be received by February 28, 2018.


General Council Executive Update November 2017

Remit Implementation Update October 2017:

The members of the Boundaries Commission have started their work and are meeting with Conferences to gather input about the number and boundaries of the new regional councils that will be created if Remit 1 is approved at the 43 General Council in 2018. Find out more on the Remit Implementation webpage. To stay connected with the work of the Remit Implementation Task Group, sign up for their newsletter.

Remit Implementation Update November 2017:

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Remit Implementation Update November 28, 2017:

Key Financial Decisions

Remit Implementation Update December 2, 2017:

Clarity on Clusters and Networks

Remit Impelemtation Update December 14, 2017:

Input to Boundaries Commission

Remit Impelemtation Update January 10, 2018:

Interim Report on Regional Council Boundaries

Remit Impelemtation Update January 27, 2018:

Boundaries Commission Interim Report: We heard you!

Remit Impelemtation Update February 28, 2018:

Final Report on Regional Council Boundaries

Remit Impelemtation Update March 23, 2018:

Provisional Executive Ministers Appointed

Remit Impelemtation Update April 4, 2018:

Office of Vocation

Remit Impelemtation Update May 5, 2018:

Office of Vocation Update (see file below)

Remit Impelemtation Update May 25, 2018:

What is the Covenant Hub?

Remit Impelemtation Update June 11, 2018:

Our New Pastoral Relations System

Remit Impelemtation Update June 20, 2018:

Watching the 43rd General Council's Decisions on Remits

Remit Impelemtation Update July 22, 2018:

Remit Enactiment Means Major Structural Changes for the Church (GC 43)

Remit Impelemtation Update August 23, 2018:

GC 43 Clears the Way for Remit Implementation

Remit Impelemtation Update September 1, 2018:

Intitial Staff Appointments

Remit Impelemtation Update September 12, 2018:

Office of Vocation Ministers Appointed

Remit Impelemtation Update October 20, 2018:

Welcome to Region 10!

Remit Impelemtation Update October 23, 2018:

Office of Vocations Ministers to Serve Indigenous Communities of Faith

Remit Impelemtation Update November 19, 2018:

Region 10 Update

Remit Impelemtation Update December 15, 2018:

Region 10 has new name - Shining Waters

Remit Impelemtation Update December 15, 2018:

Preparing for January 1