Please note ... Youthful Spirits is cancelled until further notice.



Music Jamming Time! -

Youthful Spirits meets on Sundays at Trinity to rehearse before worship.

Brian Pastoor, Mackenzie Johnston and Steve Falk, the jam leaders, welcome youth from grade 6 and up – with a few exceptions :) Bring an instrument, your voice, some musical ideas or just your curiosity and we will play some music and develop ways of bringing youthful music to church and the church community. You only need a hint of musical interest and we will find a way to weave you into our jam. Anything goes from Mraz and Beatles to Sarah Bareilles, Jimmy Cliff, classical Chinese Ghuzeng (harp) and beyond.

Bring your ideas and love of music. If you have have questions, contact Steve Falk at 416-525-1056.