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May is Asian Heritage Month. The United Church of Canada celebrates the long, rich, and continuing contribution of Asian heritage, which has been a significant part of United Church life since Church Union in 1925 and even longer.

To mark this celebration, we invite you to join an online discussion with Filipino ministers in The United Church of Canada. 

"Stories and Narratives: God-Talks from Diasporic Filipino Ministers in The United Church of Canada" will explore the experiences of Filipino ministers. These stories and narratives shed light on being immigrants and in diaspora contributing to diversity and inclusion in The United Church of Canada. Find out more and register for this webinar on CHURCHx.

A Clash of Faith and Culture

For Asian Heritage Month, Calin Chun-hong Lau looks at both his Chinese heritage and the Canadian cultural context through the eyes of faith and finds a broader perspective.

Parallel Journeys of Healing

For Asian Heritage Month, Nobuko Iwai shares her experience of being born in Japan and raised in The United Church of Canada.

Image credit: The United Church of Canada