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Feeling Alone : A prayer for those who are missing the company of others during COVID-19.
A Prayer for Those Who Struggle: We pray for those who struggle at this time of huge uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Feeling and Facing Anxiety and Fears: A prayer for those feeling anxious during the second wave of COVID-19.

Faith, Support, and Inclusion

Dr. Katharina Manassis discusses how a faith community and pastoral care can support those living with mental health… more

Wishing for a Better World

Rev. Cindy Bourgeois considers how a world without transphobia would improve the mental health of trans people.

Life Might Not Always Go as Planned

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Keith Simmonds shares his personal journey of resiliency and recovery through a period of depression and anxiety.

Breaking the Silence about Mental Health

By recognizing that mental health affects us all, congregations can decrease stigma and shame and instead offer grace and support.

Mental Health Bulletin Insert:

Five simple things to do and pointers for successful conversations about mental health.

Mental health resources if you need assistance


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