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Our Guest Speaker

Rev. Michael Blair
General Secretary 
The United Church of Canada

For Such A Time!
Jeremiah 1: 1-10

Save the date for our Celebration of Ministries service which will be held online on Sunday, May 30, 2020 beginning at 3 p.m. We will be live-streaming the service on our YouTube channel.

Our guest speaker will be Rev. Michael Blair, Executive Secretary of The United Church of Canada. 

Our celebrants this year are Kevin Moore (ordinand), Cynthia O'Connell (ordinand), Alana Martin (Commissionand), Bri-anne Swan (commissionand), Julia YunJung Kim (admittand) and Carmen Llanos (admittand).

We invite you to hold our celebrants in prayer as we lead up to this significant celebration of their ministry. 

Be a part of the celebration!
You are invited to record “Peace of Christ!” in the language(s) that you speak and find meaningful. You can record the greeting in various combinations of folks/relations and send the recordings to the regional office.

These are the instructions. 
1. Place your cellphone horizontally. 
2. Record you/you and your friends/family ... saying “Peace of Christ!”, “Peace be with you!” Or, “Peace!” in a language(s) of choice. It would be helpful to have a recording per language. This will open possibilities of receiving and including “peace” blessings from our neighbours who are of faith traditions that are different than ours. 
3. Send the recording to by 12:00 noon Monday, May 3, 2021