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Dreamwork Canada invites you to register for our second workshop—this time a virtual workshop—on Friday January 29 (evening) and all day Saturday January 30, 2021. Like our first one, this workshop will offer an approach to understanding our dreams as one of the ways God speaks to us. You will be invited to indicate whether you wish to attend an Advanced or Beginner’s keynote address. When you type in your name on the registration form, please put after 'A' (advanced) or 'B' (beginners) to indicate which address you wish to attend, e.g. Smith-A or Smith-B. 

Participants will learn about dream interpretation within a Christian context using the concepts of Carl Jung. There will be an opportunity to explore participants’ own dreams as well as working with the dreams of others in a group context. For details of the workshop please see our website.

Registration is limited so apply early

Photo Credit: Jr Korpa on Unsplash