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Welcome to Gifts with Vision for 2022-2023! Gifts with Vision are an opportunity for your community of faith to make a difference in someone’s life—during Advent and Christmas, or any time of year—from the comfort of home, with no packaging or wrapping needed. 

This new giving catalogue is full of gifts that will help transform people’s lives throughout Canada and across the world. While we are still featuring gifts for Ukraine and COVID-19, we have been busy adding new gifts to support people who are experiencing the effects of climate change, economic instability, and war. Children are especially affected and several of the new gifts in this catalogue— including Security and Support in the Heart of a Community, A Kindergarten in a Refugee Camp, and Return of the Buffalo—reflect that. 

We’ve also added more gifts in our newest category: anti-racism. Projects in Nunavut, Guatemala, and Palestine—just to name a few—support the rights, culture, and dignity of people who experience racism daily. In addition, several gifts that have been very popular in the past are returning in this year’s catalogue. And check out these success stories with more coming in November and December. 

Each Gift with Vision provides support for specific Mission & Service partners for special projects. Without Mission & Service, Gifts with Vision projects would not be possible. Thank you for your leadership and support. 

Blessings for this season of hope and generosity,  

Sarah Charters  
Director of Philanthropy


Please call Suzanne at the AUC office if you would like a print catalogue.

Click HERE for a pdf copy of the catalogue.