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Dear AUC Friends,

The Covid-19 emergency is unprecedented and is forcing us to look at how we operate as a church and to take extraordinary measures to ensure our viability. We see a combination of reduced work loads for some of our lay staff as well as a need for financial belt-tightening. Therefore, Aurora United Church Council been forced to make the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily lay off three of our lay staff. 

The three staff are our Church Secretary, our Music Coordinator and our Handbell Choir Director.

The staff members in these positions have been, and continue to be, important and valued members of our AUC family. Please know that this decision was not based upon how they are valued by our church, but rather on the need to be realistic, reasonable and fiscally responsible at this challenging time.

Their actual last date of work will be May 29th. We intend for this to be a temporary layoff; however, it will be for an indefinite period of time as it is uncertain when the current restrictions on access to buildings and gatherings will be lifted. Decisions on recalls will be made on a one-by-one basis based upon how the situation evolves.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all our employees. We look forward to having everyone working together again in the future.  Please continue to be supportive to the staff involved, as they adjust to this news and to their new situation.

We pray for them and for all during these difficult and stressful times, and we look forward with hope to a time when we can be together again in the same sanctuary.


Bill Newman

Chair, AUC Council