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In 2020, your Mission & Service gifts were hard at work during the global pandemic. Over the last year, your gifts:

  • helped people at home and abroad struggling to put food on the table for their families
  • ensured those who are most vulnerable receive medical care and personal protective equipment
  • supported those who struggle with addiction and mental health issues to access counselling services
  • created networks of support for young people whose rhythms and relationships are disrupted because of the virus
  • provided emotional and spiritual care for those in hospital and their families as well as medical staff

These are just some of the concrete ways your reliable support through Mission & Service has already made a huge difference during this crisis. Your ongoing support will continue to go directly to those who are most impacted by the pandemic at home and around the world.

Help the world recover in 2021! Make a gift through Mission & Service, and help make this a better year. Thank you for your support!

Photo: Mission & Service partners deliver rice to people in need.

Photo Credit: Cordillera Disaster Response Network