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Following the devestating loss of their church building from the storm in May, 2022, prayer shawls from AUC were given to the minister and members of the congregation. Here is the thank you note received from the Trinity congregation:


Dear friends, 

Thank you for the beautiful prayer shawls you sent to us.  They provide such comfort to be wrapped in your prayers is wonderful.  

This has been and continues to be a long road for our church and town. Next week will be the demolition and more tears.  Some are having an easier time than others. It is similar to when you lose a person in your life - everyone grieves differently and the time frame is different.  

You folks know all too well what it is like to return from tragedy. We know God is with us, in the kindness of others - like yourselves. 

We have saved a few mementos and now look to building a place for a new memories to be made. I don't know how many years it will take, but I know it will be amazing. 

These days I do plenty of listening to hear what are folks need, and the needs of the town as well. My dream is that we would have something for all ages, and the homeless youth who are in tents and couch surf in our town and others. 

Friends, when I settle down with a cup of tea to read or do some work with your shawl around my shoulders I am comforted by God's love. 

Thank you for your great care of us, 

in Christ’s love,  

Rev. Karen Hammond Croxall

Trinity United Church, Uxbridge


Photo: Thank you and good-bye candlelight service to Trinity United Church building, November 10, 2022