3rd Aurora Scouts

60th Anniversary of 3rd Aurora Scouting Groups

September 30, 2018


The 3rd Aurora Scouting Group celebrated their 60th Anniversary of sponsorship with Aurora United Church on Sunday September 30. Along with leaders and youth from the 3rd we also had various other members from the region groups as well. It was a wonderful celebration in the midst of AUC's 200th Anniversary year!

Four people offered reflections on the occasion - Cheryl Stoltz, 3rd Aurora Group Commissioner, Bill Newman, Chair of AUC Council and AUC liason with 3rd Aurora, Kyle Munro, 3rd Aurora Scouter and Rev. Andy Comar. You may read their reflections below.

The Auroran also published an article on the 60th Anniversary. It is also in the list below.

Special Thank You to Kyle Munro for designing the 60th Anniversary crest.