Building Our Future

Building Our Future - What’s New as of February 3, 2019  

The EDGE Property Committee has created a communication process to keep the congregation in the loop on developments and actions on an ongoing basis. Updates will appear here, as well as in the weekly bulletin. As always, please contact one of the EDGE Property Committee members with any questions or concerns − we’re happy to help!  

The EDGE Property Committee is group of dedicated people who are passionate about seeing our rebuild to completion.  They are Reverends Andy and Lorraine, Holly Todd-Williamson, Pat Innis, Scott Sinclair, Crawford Heritage, David Snelgrove, John Clement, Doug Gilpin, and Brian North. We are also very fortunate to have the wisdom and insight of Bill Newman, Chair of Council and Michael Wright from EDGE, who guides us through some intense planning.

Unfortunately due to weather, our archaeologists were forced to close down as of November 15th and will resume their work once spring comes. We had a late start of June 5thand then a wet fall, which slowed down the process, but we are confident that this should be completed in a timely manner once we are able to return to the site. To date we have exhumed the remains of 134. Excavations also revealed 72 remains previously removed in the 1800’s. There are 25 identified features still remaining including those impacted by the Bell duct which has to be removed prior to further excavation. Bell Canada is on site working to meet our goal of completion by the end of February and we continue to monitor their progress.

Our agreement with Succession expired on January 31.  With the help of our lawyer, the Board of Trustees has extended the agreement with full cooperation of both parties. Just to give you an idea of how committed Succession continues to be, they have been paying all invoices for the work done on the property to date to a tune of $1,392,000.00 of which we have an obligation for a good portion of these costs.

Recently we were faced with the task of creating a set budget in order to complete detailed drawings so we are ready to apply for building permits once our lands are deemed as clear and our final documents are signed with Succession Development. We have met with Consulting Engineers, Sound and lighting experts, a designer and our Architect to meet the requirements needed to move forward. We are very confident in those we are working with, and that we are fulfilling our mission to design and build a building that is not only a place of worship, but also a community meeting place. Aurora United Church Council and the Board of Trustees were presented with our budget and we were pleased to be given the green light to keep moving forward.

Over the next few months we will continue to work on meeting goals as set out by our committee and partners.

- Legal documents including surveys, deeds and lease requirements should be completed by the end of March.

- Bell easement and deed to be cleared by February or March on the outside.

- Building Structural designs completed by the end of the first quarter.

- Archaeologists complete their work within 30 days of getting back on site, weather permitting.-Lease agreement signed and   completed within 60 days of the land being deemed as clear, with our goal of June 30, 2019 or sooner if at all possible.

- Building permit applications submitted summer 2019.

- Excavation starting summer 2019 including compacting soils.

- Building construction commences Fall/Winter 2019.

- Church Building completed approximately 1 year from starting once the foundation and parking level has been completed.

- Retirement residence completed approximately 2 years from starting.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process.

5. Next EDGE Meetings  February 12 & 19 at 7 pm in Trinity Sacristy

EDGE Committee members: Brian North (chair) John Clement Doug Gilpin Crawford Heritage Pat Innes Scott Sinclair Dave Snelgrove Holly Todd Williamson Rev. Andy Comar Rev. Lorraine Newton-Comar  

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