Building Our Future

 Building Our Future

What’s New as of December 13, 2018   The EDGE Property Committee has created a communication process to keep the congregation in the loop on developments and actions on an ongoing basis. Updates will appear on the website, as well as in the weekly bulletin. As always, please contact one of the EDGE Property Committee members with any questions or concerns − we’re happy to help!  


Progress Report  

1. Stage Four Archaeological Assessment

•       Due to wet and cold weather the excavation on the church site had to close down on November 15, 2018, as it was almost impossible to continue working in the mud.

•       The site has now been prepared for winter and is ready for completion at the first sign of spring.

•       To date we have exhumed 134 sets of remains. 72 were previously removed from the site in the 1800’s.

•       There are 23 identified features remaining however, the Bell Canada equipment on the property impacts some of these.

•       Bell continues the long process of relocating the fibre optic cables and associated equipment but their estimated completion of February 2019 cancelled out any advantages of keeping the archeological excavation open beyond November 2018.

•       Hydro guy-wires also impacting some plots were moved to clear the way for spring excavation.  

2. Succession Development Corp

•       Succession continues to assure us that they are full steam ahead with the project.

•       They have completed their quantity survey (cost estimate) for the construction of the new church and it will be presented to the EDGE Property Committee this December for our budget review.

•       Final contracts with Succession will be signed once the site is confirmed cleared.  

3. EDGE Property Committee at Work

•       Our committee continues to meet monthly, bi-monthly or weekly as necessary.

•       We are working on an updated Budget this month along with our architect and EDGE consultant.

•       We will be working on next steps along with our EDGE consultant Michael Wright.

•       Communications to the congregation on a projected timeline for the construction of the new church will be forthcoming once the Committee has completed the review of the budget and schedule information presented to it.  

4. Other news

•       The AUC sign previously on the southeast corner of our property has been donated to the Town of Aurora for repurposing.  

5. Next EDGE Meetings January 16 & 30 at 7 pm in Trinity Sacristy

EDGE Committee members: Brian North (chair) John Clement Doug Gilpin Crawford Heritage Pat Innes Scott Sinclair Dave Snelgrove Holly Todd Williamson Rev. Andy Comar Rev. Lorraine Newton-Comar  

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