EDGE Property Committee Update September 15, 2019

The EDGE Property Committee has created a communication process to keep the congregation in the loop on developments and actions on an ongoing basis. Updates will appear on the website, as well as in the weekly bulletin. As always, please contact one of the EDGE Property Committee members with any questions or concerns − we’re happy to help! 

1. PLANNING – Progress Report  

Site Progress Stage Four Archaeological Excavation

• The Stage Four work has finally been completed by the methodical Archaeologists and the remains that were removed are being properly stored for an Internment currently being planned for a future date

• In total we have exhumed 186 remains. 86 were previously removed from the site in the 1800’s

Bell Canada

• Bell Canada has completed their work and the title has been signed back to the church. This is completely done. 

2. Succession Development Corp

• The EDGE Property Committee has been meeting with Succession and Amica regarding their building plans and how they will effectively integrate with AUC building plans 

3. EDGE Property Committee at Work

• Our committee continues to meet monthly, bi-monthly or weekly as necessary

• We are currently working on an updated Budget and any design revisions necessary to meet our targets

• We have completed a comprehensive review of the Audio/Visual needs with several AV companies to develop plans in 3-tiers for the final choice

• Our architect Bob Murphy has retained his team of structural, mechanical, electrical and acoustical engineers plus an interior design consultant and their work progresses

• When these final drawings are completed another quantity survey will provide detailed estimated costs which Succession (the Construction Company chosen for our church build) will use to get trade quotations and a final cost will be presented to AUC in the form of a CCDC contract for review and approval

• We will be charting our next steps along with projected timelines 

Next EDGE Meeting – September 17, 2019   

EDGE Committee members: Brian North (chair), Holly Todd Williamson (secretary), John Clement, Doug Gilpin, Crawford Heritage, Pat Innes, Scott Sinclair, Dave Snelgrove, Rev. Andy Comar, Rev. Lorraine Newton-Comar.

Respectfully submitted by Brian North (Chair of EDGE Property Committee)


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