Your AUC Council Members.

Front Row (L -R):  John Barkla, Debra Hilliard, Laurie Bentolila, Rev. Lorraine Newton-Comar, Alison Backer, Jennifer Kenwell, Paula Hanna Back Row (L - R):  Bill Newman, Rob Gulbronson, Roy Eveleigh, Rev. Andy Comar, Brian Walter, Peter Drost, Frank Pulumbarit, John Kuropatwa, Ivor Roberts Absent:  Jeff Clark


Aurora United Church Council  2018

 Order of Ministry

Reverend Lorraine Newton-Comar

Reverend Andy Comar

Ministry Advocates

Church Community – Frank Pulumbarit              

Congregational Resources – John Barkla     

Faith Formation – Alison Backer               

Proclamation – Deborah Hilliard                          

Serving – Peter Drost - Vice-Chair of Council


Jeff Clark                                                

Rob Gulbronson                                       

Jennifer Kenwell – Secretary of Council                                          

Bill Newman – Chair of Council                                                    

Brian Walter                                             

Laurie Bentolila

Board of Trustees – Roy Eveleigh

Lay representative to Living Waters Presbytery – Ivor Roberts

Ministry and Personnel Committee – John Kuropatwa

United Church Women – Paula Hanna – Secretary of Council