Affirm United


Open Hearts-Affirming Ministries

Recently, the AUC Council voted to explore the possibility of becoming an Affirming Congregation within the United Church of Canada. This would mean declaring ourselves to be a congregation which is committed to inclusion and justice for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities—seeking also to live more fully into God’s way of welcome, love and justice for all creation.

Affirming ministries work in many different ways toward the healing and wholeness of creation, challenging bias and discrimination based on appearance, culture, class or age; working to end racism; promoting economic justice; increasing accessibility or caring for the planet. Affirming Ministries seek to go beyond issues of gender diversity and sexual orientation to work for justice and inclusion for all people.

Affirming Ministries provide information, acceptance, support, and justice-making for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their friends and families. These ministries declare, in words and actions, that God loves and accepts people of all orientations and they call upon the rest of the church to do the same.

The United Church of Canada officially endorses the Affirming Ministry Program and encourages its Ministries to do the same.  

Through a process of discernment and reflection, Affirming Ministries discover what it means for them to be inclusive and justice-seeking. They prepare a statement of faith and vision that sets out their ongoing commitment to work for justice on issues of gender diversity and sexual orientation within their congregation, the wider church, and their community and to support and participate in the Affirming Ministry Program.  

Please speak to Rev. Lorraine, or call (905-727-1935 ext.23) or email for more information. The ‘Open Hearts’ resource is available to read on the AUC website.