Greetings to you from the Interfaith Refugee Resettlers! Thank you so much for your interest in being updated on our efforts.  Your support and enthusiasm mean so much.

Interfaith Refugee Resettlers:

The Interfaith Refugee Resettlers (IRR) is currently made up of members from Aurora United Church, Trinity Anglican Church and members of the community. We sponsored our first family, the Alrashdan's from Syria in 2016 and are now awaiting our second family.


We have been supported in our efforts by AURA (Anglican United Refugee Alliance), a charitable organization assisting in the sponsorship and resettlement of refugees.  AURA works on behalf of recognized refugees and with refugee sponsors to develop sponsorship applications; match cases with sponsors; assist with resettlement planning and sharing best practices.  

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support:

We are inspired to be working on behalf of such compassionate communities and are grateful for your support and commitment to IRR.  Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or questions. You can contact us at Follow us on Facebook at Interfaith Refugee Resettlers. 


Update on our Second Family (October 2018)

As is the way with these things, after a very long wait, the Interfaith Refugee Resettlers (IRR) are suddenly expecting our second family! As you know, this is the ongoing initiative of Aurora United and Trinity (and, previously, The Islamic Society of Newmarket), started in 2015 in response to the crisis in Syria. We welcomed our first family in February 2016 and they continue to flourish here in Aurora. We raised enough funds at that time to sponsor a second family. Our second family is made up of 4 adults, with a baby on the way, and one teenager. Two family members, the husband and wife, will arrive we hope, in the near future. His mother and two sisters will follow after the processing of their applications is complete.  In the short term the couple will be housed with his aunt and grandmother as we work to establish an area for housing best suited to their needs. One of the girls would like to continue her university courses and the younger is still in high school so we'll be looking for a home that offers easy access to York University and to a local high school. We will certainly be accepting items with which to furnish their home and would welcome any offers - of furniture, sundries, or services, and baby items - to our email address which is posted on the bulletin boards by the chapel and in your handout.  As with most people who have applied for refugee status, there are always assessments to be made about their security here in Canada. We know it's difficult to wait to know more but once we have a sense of their situation and have had a chance to confer with AURA, we will certainly provide more information.