IRR Update – February 2020

Our Family has arrived! They are happy to be here and are very appreciative for all the help they are receiving. 

We have had a number of kind offers of furniture and household items but are still looking for the following items in good condition (please note that you will need to be able to store these items until we obtain housing for them):

· Beds: 1 queen, and either 1 twin or 2 double beds (space constraints)

· Desks (2, reasonably compact) and 1 chair and trash cans (3 for bedroom,  1 for kitchen)

· 1 Bookshelf

· Still need the following kitchen appliances - microwave, electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster and blender

· Television sets, computers (2 of each)

· Vacuums (2)

· Toddler still needs crib, stroller and high chair. 

The working group continues to look for rental accommodation, preferably 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.  Any leads are appreciated.  

Contact: David Pilkey, Joyce Hagarty


 AUC members of IRR: George Easey (chair), Rev. Andy Comar, Irene & John Clement,

                                   David Pilkey, Joyce Hagarty, Ivor & Helen Roberts.