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Founded in 1829, The United Church Observer is the oldest continuously published magazine in North America and the second oldest in the English-speaking world. It has won international acclaim for journalistic excellence and garnered more awards for writing than any other Canadian religious publication. Editor Jocelyn Bell says that the publication's staff aims to offer United Church readers, and Canadians on the whole, a church magazine that eclipses expectations of church magazines. But she says they try to stay mindful of the magazine's history as they shift into a new era for faith-based media. 

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The United Church Observer is changing - Coming in Spring 2019! Introducing a new name and a new look...

Broadview will retain the very best of The United Church Observer:

* Insightful coverage of United Church news and perspectives

* High quality journalism from a progressive Christian lens

* Same great subscription price

and will feature these exciting changes:

* Refreshed design

* High quality paper and binding

* 16 more pages per issue

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