Every congregation is mandated by the United Church of Canada to have a Ministry and Personnel Committee (M&P).  Members are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting and are accountable to the congregation through the Church Council. The M&P Committee oversees relationships within the pastoral charge ministry, particularly the roles and functions of paid leaders and employees.  

How do you contact a member of the M&P Committee?

A list of members and contact information is listed below.  The M&P Committee also has a new confidential email address that is accessible only to the M&P Committee chair. Communications from that email address will be shared with M&P committee members.  The address is mp@auroraunitedchurch.ca  


  • John Kuropatwa (Chair)
  • Heather Collins
  • Sylvia Gilpin
  • Hank Gosar
  • Karen Kines
  • Warren McClure