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The AUC Rising From The Ashes capital fundraising campaign is now underway. Laurie Irwin (LEI Consulting Inc.) and Mary Lynne Stewart (Mary Lynne Stewart and Associates – MLS), the consulting team who are providing the campaign planning and implementation along with an advisory group (Nancy Kerswill, Pat Innes, Janet Thacker, Rev Lorraine and Rev. Andy).

As of Sunday July 14, we have raised $63,316.41.

Thank you for your support!

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Aurora United Church - A Story of Faith, Love and Determination

Aurora United Church, a cornerstone of the Aurora community for more than 200 years, at the corner of Yonge and Tyler Streets in Aurora, suffered a devastating blow in April 2014, when it was completely destroyed by fire. The journey to rebuild this beloved institution has been a challenging one, marked by numerous hurdles including insurance settlements, legal battles, the disruptive impact of Covid-19, and unprecedented increases in building material costs. Despite these obstacles, the spirit of resilience and determination has fueled our efforts to rebuild our beloved Church.

Following the devastating fire that consumed the heart of Aurora's spiritual and community life, Aurora United Church (AUC) proudly announces the official launch of its transformative Capital Campaign, aptly named "Aurora United Church Rising From The Ashes." This campaign marks a significant step forward in the journey to rebuild the church, both in structure and spirit.

AUC has also partnered with Amica Senior Lifestyles in leasing a portion of the land to them to build a seniors residence in downtown Aurora


The Urgent Need

Construction has commenced, a testament to our unwavering commitment to rebuild Aurora United Church. However, we face a critical juncture where additional support from our community and beyond is indispensable. The financial burden of this monumental undertaking has surpassed initial estimates due to unforeseen circumstances such as the escalation of building material costs, making external assistance an imperative to ensure the completion of this project.


Funding Goal and Timeline

The completion of the Aurora United Church rebuilding project hinges on securing a total of $5 million. This crucial funding will cover the remaining costs required to rebuild our beloved institution and warmly welcome back our congregation. With your support, we aim to open the doors of Aurora United Church to our parishioners once more by spring/summer of 2025.

This $5 million target encompasses the final construction expenses, ensuring that every aspect of our historic church is meticulously rebuilt to take its place as a beacon of hope in our community. Your generosity and commitment to this cause will enable us to meet this financial milestone.

Together, let's bridge the gap between our current progress and the fulfillment of our $5 million goal, allowing us to usher in a new chapter for Aurora United Church and embrace our congregation once again in 2025.


Our Vision

The rebuilt Aurora United Church will not only stand as a testament to our resilience but will continue its legacy as a place of hope for generations to come. This historic edifice has been a gathering place for celebrations, solace during trying times, and a symbol of unity for more than 200 years. Its restoration is not merely about rebuilding walls but resurrecting the heart of our community.


How You Can Help

We are reaching out to individuals, local businesses, foundations, government agencies, and philanthropic entities to join us in this cause. Your support, whether through donations, in-kind contributions, volunteerism, or spreading awareness, will play an instrumental role in realizing our collective dream of rebuilding Aurora United Church. Your generosity will ensure that this historic landmark once again becomes a haven for worship, cultural events, community gatherings, and support services.


Impact of Your Support

Your contribution to the Aurora United Church Rebuilding Fund will not only aid in the physical reconstruction but will also have a profound and lasting impact on our community. Your investment will preserve a piece of our heritage, foster community cohesion, and provide a sanctuary that uplifts spirits and nurtures souls for generations to come. Every donation, every act of kindness, and every show of solidarity brings us closer to our shared goal.



The journey to rebuild Aurora United Church has been arduous, yet our determination remains unwavering. We invite you to join us in this endeavor. Your support is pivotal in ensuring the completion of this vital project and in rebuilding a cherished symbol of our community's strength and resilience.

Together, let us reimagine what this new Aurora United Church will be at the very heart of our community. Your generosity will leave an indelible mark on the history of Aurora United Church and the lives of all who will find their spiritual home within its walls.


Campaign Overview

Aurora United Church aims to raise $5 million to add through the "Rising From The Ashes"campaign to support the funding of the construction of a new, resilient, and welcoming church building.

Beyond physical reconstruction, the campaign underscores the church's commitment to expanding outreach programs, enhancing accessibility, and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

The official campaign launch event will take place on January 28th, 2024, at the Church’s interim location at Trinity Anglican Church, Aurora, where they have served the community since 2014. We invite community members, local leaders, and supporters to witness the unveiling of our vision, construction updates, the most recent architectural plans, and to share in the collective spirit of hope and resilience.



"This campaign is an opportunity for everyone in our community to contribute to the rebirth of a cherished institution. Each donation, big or small, is a building block in our collective effort to rise from the ashes stronger than ever," remarked Nancy Kerswill, Chair, Aurora United Church Council.

“We’re still here, we’re still strong, we’re pressing forward, and our future is bright. Our intention is to go home to Yonge Street. And we will.” Rev. Lorraine Newton-Comar and Rev. Andy Comar.


How to Get Involved

We have engaged the services of Laurie Irwin, LEI Consulting Inc. (in partnership with Mary Lynne Stewart and Associates - MLS) to carry out Aurora United Church’s Capital Fundraising Campaign project and to help us realize our financial goals to rebuild the church without burdening the congregation with debt.

Individuals and businesses interested in contributing to the campaign are invited to click on one of the links below.

Follow us on social media for updates, stories of resilience, and ways to engage with the campaign.

Aurora United Church has been a pillar of the Aurora community for over 200 years, providing spiritual guidance, community support, and a welcoming space for all. The "Rising From The Ashes" campaign embodies the church's commitment to rebuilding not just structures but lives, fostering inclusivity, and rekindling hope.

Thank you for considering our appeal to be a part of this transformative journey.

Aurora United Church Rising From The Ashes: Together, We Rebuild, We Renew!


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Cheques may be made out to Aurora United Church and noted for Rising From The Ashes.

Aurora United Church  15186 Yonge Street  Aurora ON   L4G 1L9

Income Tax receipts will be issued for donations.