September 22, 2022

Hello Companions for the 40 Days.

Welcome to the 40 Days of Engagement on Anti-Racism! We are excited about theis year's time of learning and exploration! It features brand-new content for 2022 -- and it all starts on October 11.

[Image credit: The United Church of Canada]

What to Expect

This year’s program will feature new stories daily, with the exception of Sundays. Each day of engagement will creatively move through a time for learning, a faith reflection, and offer some suggested response actions. The individual writings come from diverse writers across the breadth of the United Church, who all share their knowledge, wisdom, insights, and personal reflections.  

These daily reflections will be posted on the 40 Days website. Preview of the content for the upcoming week will be highlighted in this newsletter.  

Study Groups

A great way to explore the daily content with a wider group of people will be join a 40 Days study group! These organized weekly online study sessions will run between October 11-November 25, and will give everyone a chance to delve even more deeply into the week’s content. There is no cost to attend these sessions, and the exact date and time for the weekly sessions will be determined by consensus, based on the participants who register. You can register online. 

40 Days Live Events 

Back by popular demand are the 40 Days Live events! These weekly sessions, on Tuesdays, offer a dynamic opportunity to engage with speakers and writers online. This year’s speakers are a mix of content creators for the 40 Days, engaging United Church leaders, and community leaders.  

The weekly series will start off with Desmond Cole who is an award-winning writer and anti-racist activist, and who speaks extensively about racism in the Canadian context

Sign up forms will be coming! Please stay tuned to this newsletter for ways to register for the weekly 40 Days Live events. 

Book of the Week 

Each week, in this newsletter, we’ll feature a different book that explores anti-racism. There will also be a promotional code in the newsletter so that you could order that week’s book from the United Church Bookstore at a discounted price! 

 Share the Word  

Please continue to encourage people that you know to be part of the journey around 40 Days of Engagement on Anti-Racism, and to sign up for the newsletter. If you are connected on social media, please join the United Church Anti-Racism Facebook group to keep the conversation going.   

We are keen to journey together!  

Adele Halliday and the Creation Team for the 40 Days of Engagement on Anti-Racism