Aurora Community Café

The Café is on Summer break

We will be opening again starting Wednesday October 16th

10 am - 2 pm at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Aurora

fresh baked goods - fair trade coffee - lunch - conversation - community - connections

Please note that the Cafe is now closed for the summer!

We will re-open on Wednesday October 16!

Drop by St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Wednesdays from 10 am to 2 pm for a pop-up, non-profit café serving fair trade coffee, tea, lunch items and fresh baked goods. The café is a social enterprise partnership, involving local churches and volunteers from non-profit coffee catering and community members. Our purpose is to offer work skill opportunity for adults with differing abilities in an inclusive environment and to create a space for the community to meet, connect, and enjoy coffee with a conscience. There will be a DJ and live music ongoing. Each person visiting can purchase their items using cash only.

Come and join us and see what's new at The Café!

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In this Café.......

We Welcome our Customers

We Care about People

We Love Food

We Believe in Healthy Eating

We Celebrate Diversity

We Appreciate Suggestions

We Believe that Food is Life

Thank you for supporting us 

Aurora Community Cafe staff    


 Please speak to Rev. Andy if you would like to volunteer at the café!


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