Shining Waters Regional Council Prayer Cycle:

Today we pray for Utterson United Church, Port Sydney, Alderwood United Church and Asbury and West United Church, Toronto

Minute For Mission:

Your Generosity Has a Worldwide Impact: Mambud’s Story

What do soccer, organic farming and ministry have to do with each other? Mission & Service, of course! Mambud’s story is a tangible example of how your generosity sends ripples of compassion across continents. A video of this story is also available.


All Saints Day

Images used in worship video... 

Bulletin Cover – Hans Vivek - Unsplash

For All The Saints Julia Volk –

Blest Are They  -

Three Things I PromiseSimon Berger – Unsplash

The hymn recordings today are from… 

Sing Hallelujah! Volume 2 (produced by Ralph Milton, The United Church of Canada, 2015), More Voices: Audio CD (The United Church of Canada, 2007) and YouTube.

For All The Saints – Jim Strathdee & the “Sunday at Three” Singers (2015). Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074.

Blest Are They - The University of Notre Dame Folk Choir, November 1, 2015. Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074.

Three Things I Promise – Trinity United Church Choir, Kitchener, ON. Alan Whitmore, director. October 19, 2006. Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074 and CCLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257.

Built on a Rock (G.Martin) Joy Ide, organ. Used with permission from Trinity Lutheran Church, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. 

All Saints Day For Kids. Used with permission from Defining Grace. Original Story and Art: Dan Wunderlich. Music: “A Walk in the Park” by Adrian Walther. 

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