In Jesus you are loved and made holy, enriched in many ways, not lacking in any spiritual gift, ready and willing to share generously, called by God, as disciples of Jesus. 

Epiphany 2 Bulletin

Announcement Insert

Shining Waters Regional Council Prayer Cycle:

Today we pray for: Sand Lake Pioneer Log Church, Kearney, Deer Park United Church, Toronto, York Pines United Church, Aurora

Minute For Mission:

Theological Education Provides a Roadmap to Vitality  - "...we want to help communities of faith re-focus on core principles of church health and begin to explore new ways of becoming a thriving church,” "

Prayers & Devotionals:

May Your Kindness Fill Our Hearts:  May your kindness fill our hearts and make us agents of freedom and peace
and the sake of the world

Gracious God, You Have Commissioned Us: make our common home a place of justice for all.

The hymns and music today… 

Sing Your Praise to God Eternal (w R. B. Scott, Welsh Melody) 

To Show by Touch and Word (w Fred Kaan, m Ron Klusmeier) - Reprinted and podcast with permission under CCLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257. 

A Light Is Gleaming (Linnea Good) -Reprinted and podcast with permission under  CCLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257.  

Arise, Be Clothed in the Light 

We Are an Offering (D. Liles)  Reprinted and podcast with permission under CCLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257. 

Let My Spirit Always Sing (w Shirley E. Murray, m Jane Marshall) - Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074 and CCLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257. 

Go Now in Peace, Guided by the Light  (Pedro Rubalcava). –Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074.

All Glory Be To Gon On High (Flor Peeters)

Jesus Saw Them Fishing (Ken Canedo)

I Thank My God For You (Joseph M. Martin) - Podcast with permission under  CLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257. 

Be Thou My Vision  (E. Hull arr. N. Pacheco) 

Alleluia, Song of Gladness (Robert J. Powell) -  Podcast with permission under One License #A-718074 and CCLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257. 

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