Lent is the 40-day period (excluding Sundays) that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Traditionally it is a season of reflection and preparation for Easter, and it commemorates Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the desert.

First Sunday in Lent Bulletin

Shining Waters Regional Council Prayer Cycle:

Today we pray for Wahta United Church, St James Centennial United Church, Parry Sound; Knox United Church, Sutton; Shawanaga United Church


We Call on Your Holy Name: A prayer for the First Sunday in Lent from Everday Skeptics
Our Rainbow after the Storm: A Lenten prayer from Why I Believe: Daily Devotions on Faith & Discipleship.

Minute for Mission:

Young Adults Lead Church To Become Anti-Racist
It isn’t hard to find statistics that show racism is alive and well. For example, third-generation Black Canadians make about $32,000 a year compared to the $48,000 earned by those who aren’t a visible minority. And Black Canadians are more likely than any other racial group in Canada to be victims of hate crimes. Since 1996, Canadians have been encouraged to observe February as Black History Month. to recognize the realities faced by people of African descent and honour their contributions. It’s the perfect month to make this very cool project announcement.

Arts & Faith: Lent

Enter into a visual prayer experience this Lent with Arts & Faith: Lent. Each week we’ll provide a video commentary about a work of art inspired by the Sunday Scriptures. Use these videos to take a new look at this season of spiritual renewal through the lens of sacred art.

Week 1 of Lent

Lenten Daily Devotional Book and Study Group

Praying in Colour: Making the Lenten Journey - Calendar Templates

Images used in worship video...

Sing Praise to God, Who Reigns Above – Mocah Wallpeppers 

Jesus, Tempted in the Desert – www.LumoProject.com. 

Creator God, You Gave Us Life – thecomingking.com 

Tree of Life and Awesome Mystery – metalsignscanada.com

The hymn recordings today are from…  

More Voices: Audio CD (The United Church of Canada, 2007) and YouTube 

Sing Praise to God, Who Reigns Above – Ryerson United Church, Ancaster, ON. September 15, 2020. 

Jesus, Tempted in the Desert – Strathroy United Church, Strathroy, ON. March 13, 2011. 

Creator God, You Gave Us Life – St. Paul’s United Church Choir, Riverview, NB. Brenda Barnes, director. September 9, 2006. 

Tree of Life and Awesome Mystery – Haewook Kim, February 16, 2021.