Pentecost 4 Bulletin

Bulletin cover ...

Photo by Dewet Willemse on Unsplash

Images used in worship video...

Come, Let Us Sing - Photo of AUC Chancel Choir by David Eaton

Creator God You Gave Us Life - Archivio Fotografico - Successo Summit Stock Photos and Images

Will You Come and Follow Me - Photo source unknown

The hymn recordings today are from… 

More Voices: Audio CD (The United Church of Canada, 2007), Voices United: Accompaniment Collection Volume 3 (The United Church of Canada, 2009) and Sing Hallelujah! Volume 1 (produced by Ralph Milton, The United Church of Canada, 2015)

Come, Let Us Sing – Jim and Jean Strathdee & friends (2015) 

Creator God You Gave Us Life – St. Paul’s United Church Choir, Riverview, New Brunswick, Brenda Barnes, director (September 9, 2009) 

Will You Come and Follow Me – performed by Lydia Pedersen (2009)

Minute for Mission:

A Safe Home  Our gifts for Mission & Service support a safe house for LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit refugees in Kenya.