Aurora United Church

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday April 28, 7 pm on Zoom


The Annual Meeting for Aurora United Church was held on Wednesday April 28 on Zoom. You can find below the 2020 Annual Report and other documents related to the AGM.


Click here for 2020 Annual Report Cover

Click here for 2020 Annual Report (Revised)*

The revision in the 2020 Annual Report relates to pages 42-46 - General Fund 2020 and Budget 2021. Some of the columns were misaligned in the original report.

Click here for AGM Agenda (Revised)

Click here for Nominating Committee Report (Revised)

Click here for the Finance Committe presentation to the AGM

Please see the commentary in the Annual Report from the Finance Committee, as it goes into further detail about 2020, as well as the 2021 Budget. You may email Stephen Crawley (, chair of Finance Committee, with any questions you might have.

Click here for the Welcoming Arms Annual Report


Please call or email Rev. Andy or Rev. Lorraine If you would like a hard copy of the Annual Report.