Health and Wellness Ministries  Health and Wellness Ministries foster physical, emotional, spiritual and social harmony leading to healthy and healing relationships with God, family, faith communities, culture and creation.   The focus of Health and Wellness Ministries and our faith community is the “intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting holistic health and preventing or minimizing illness”.

Prayer Shawl Ministry  The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a growing and vibrant part of our mission.  We are very proud of this Ministry and are blessed with so many willing Crafters who have made lovingly created contributions to our Prayer Shawl collection.  Each and every individual who has received one of these most beautiful shawls have been deeply touched by it.

Role of the Health & Wellness Committee

The Health & Wellness Committee promotes, supports and plans the development of Health and Wellness Ministries at Aurora United Church.  They have a broad mandate, but primarily its job is to lift up and encourage the Healing Ministry of Christ in our midst. Its membership consists of minimally 3 persons within our congregation who have an interest and commitment to the positive relationship between faith and health. The group fulfills its mandate by: 
promoting, supporting and planning to develop Health and Wellness Ministries at Aurora United Church.

educating the congregation about the link between faith and health and holistic concepts of health care, integrating spirit, body and mind in health promotion and disease prevention.

ensuring the health and wellness needs of the congregation are assessed and identified

communicating with the congregation about Health and Wellness Ministries at the Church

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If you have questions about Health and Wellness Ministries at Aurora United Church, please contact:

Rev. Lorraine 905-727-1935 x 23