Interfaith Refugee Resettlers (IRR) Final Report - March 2021

On January 30, 2021 IRR’s sponsorship of the two families from Lebanon came to an end. At this time it was determined that a third sponsorship was not advisable due to current world conditions. The committee members decided to disperse and to close the books. The funds remaining in the account were distributed equally between the two families to help them start their new independent lives.

Although the Covid pandemic seriously affected our sponsorship throughout the year we felt relieved knowing that we had been the means whereby the families had escaped from an increasingly dangerous situation in Lebanon to begin a new, peace-filled life here in Aurora.

The families have now relocated. Marven, Imane and Noah are renting a house in Newmarket where Marven is pursuing his dream of his own mechanics business. Hanaa, Danielle and Sandibelle are living in Richmond Hill, close to relatives. While Sandibelle continues her online schooling, Danielle is working and looking forward to resuming her university studies in the future.

This second sponsorship differed considerably from the first one. Working with two families including five adults and a small child brought many challenges. However as the year of sponsorship came to a close the committee had a strong feeling of accomplishment. We felt sure that these two families would soon establish themselves in this country and we were excited to have been involved.

Committee Members from AUC: George Easey (chair), Irene & John Clement, Joyce Hagarty, David Pilkey, Helen & Ivor Roberts, Jane Taylor, Rev. Andy Comar

Member from Trinity Anglican Church: Barb Allan

Member from the Islamic Centre: Mae Khamissa

Community Members: Jane Lennox, Susan Shaw