Then Let Us Sing! is an exciting, new online music portal coming in Fall 2024. It will contain most of the pieces you’ve come to love from Voices UnitedMore Voices, and Nos voix unies, plus a growing collection of NEW music.

Submissions Welcome! 

Then Let Us Sing! will be The United Church of Canada’s most current—and future-focused—content source for congregational singing, worship, and liturgy planning. We hope to discover a broad range of new material that will fully express our United Church identity and the desire to be in relationship with each other and God. We are seeking submissions until January 22, 2022!


Then Let Us Sing! Development Committee opening: The Then Let Us Sing! Development Committee is looking for three individuals with strong communication, social media, networking and/or writing skills to serve on the Marketing/Animation and Funding Subcommittee for Then Let Us Sing! Closing date: Oct. 28, 2021. Find out more and apply for this role or nominate somebody!


Donate to help support the development of Then Let Us Sing! this exciting new music and worship resource which will meet the evolving needs of the people of God throughout the church. All financial contributions are greatly appreciated!


Lastly, please pray for the Then Let Us Sing! Development Committee and all its teams for guidance in supporting God’s future church. Thank you.

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