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Audacious Hope, a national gathering for youth, young adults, and their leaders, is happening July 3-6, 2024, at Brock University, St. Catharines, ON. Audacious Hope is an exciting new partnership between the Rendez-vous team of The United Church of Canada and the LIFT team of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Come pray—with inspiring worship speakers Adele Halliday and Mitchell Anderson. Come play—how about silent disco or square dancing? Come ponder—with Moderator Carmen Lansdowne about how to find and offer hope in today's world.
Registration opens April 15. Early bird registration from April 15‒May 15: $425. May 16‒31 registration fee: $500. Registration will close May 31, 2024. Find out more
In conjunction with Audacious Hope, The United Church of Canada is also offering a special Ecumenical Young Adult Learning Community program (18‒25 year olds) to explore faith and social justice with global peers. This program includes workshops, cultural exchange, and participation in the Audacious Hope event (July 3‒7). Visit our Opportunities webpage to learn more, and apply for this special program by April 30! 

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