In June, we celebrate National Indigenous History Month to recognize the history, heritage and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada. It is also in this month that we celebrate Pride. We encourage you to mark this month and celebrate the lives and ministry of LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit people in all their diversity.

Indigenous Day of Prayer, the Sunday before National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21), is an opportunity to celebrate First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples’ values, customs, languages, and culture.

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Bulletin - Indigenous Day of Prayer

Shining Waters Regional Council Prayer Cycle:

Today we pray for Collier Street United Church, Bayview United Church, and Trinity United Church, Malton.

Minute For Mission:

Every Person Is A Superhero: Esbikenh's Story

Kindergarten teacher Esbikenh grew up knowing his ancestral language, but sadly, the children he taught in school didn’t. “One day I turned on YouTube and saw superhero videos. I thought, ‘Why not make these videos and we will just have all the superheroes speak in Anishinaabemowin?’” And that’s where your Mission & Service gifts come in. Read Esbikenh’s story in print and watch the video on Indigenous Day of Prayer.

Whole Life Ministry-Wampum


Let Us Give Thanks to Our Creator

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Ren Ito, The United Church of Canada

Images used in worship video... 

We Praise You, O God  -   

I Feel the Winds of God Today  –  Courrier Leon reefed down in the southerly. Photo ROLEX/Studio Borlenghi/Stefano Gattini.

Though Ancient Walls  –  CTV News London

The hymn recordings today are from… 

More Voices: Audio CD (The United Church of Canada, 2007), Sing Hallelujah! Volume 5 (produced by Ralph Milton, The United Church of Canada, 2015) and Youtube.

We Praise You, O God  -  Gospel Praise of St. Paul’s United Church, Kelowna BC. Sylvia Clerke, conductor & pianist.

I Feel the Winds of God Today  - Virtual Pacific Spirit Chamber Choir, Vancouver, BC. Bryn Nixon, organist. May 30, 2020.

Though Ancient Walls  –  The “Sunday At Three” Singers led by Ron Klusmeier and Lonnie Moddle.