Advent includes the four Sundays before Christmas. The word ‘Advent’ means ‘coming.’ During the Advent season we prepare for the coming birth of Christ, and for the renewal of our faith. We also reflect on the coming of God’s realm in all its fullness at the end of time. The colour blue has emerged in recent years as a symbol of hope. This is the colour you will see in our sanctuary throughout the season. 

Advent 3 Bulletin

Announcement Insert

Shining Waters Regional Council Prayer Cycle:

Today we pray for:  Wasauksing First Nation United Church, Bethune United Church, Baysville, Bathurst Street United Church, Toronto


Joy of Your Presence: An Advent prayer

There is no Silent Night:  A prayer calling us to meet the Christ-child and change the world this Advent season, by Moderator Richard Bott.

Minute for Mission:

Anti-Racism App Developed by Young Adults Set to Launch:  “I decided I wanted to not just have a quiet voice but an active voice in making information about anti-racism available to people.”

Joyful Singing as Nonviolent Resistance: Whether passing through military checkpoints or during a global pandemic, singing brings joy and courage. 

The hymns and music today… 

All Earth Is Waiting (C. A. Taule)– Public Domain

Joy to the World (w. Isaac Watts, m. FG. F. Handel, arr. L. Mason) - Public Domain.

Herald! Sound the Note of Gladness (w.Moir A. J. Water, m adpt. J. Neander) 

Hope is a Star (B. Wren) – Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074

As We Offer Gifts (m. Conrad Kocher)

We Call to You O God (Mayberr, Kai) - Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074 

Hope Shines as the Solitary Star (w. Catherine F. MacLean, m. Janet B. Tissander) - Reprinted and podcast with permission under One License #A-718074

Manger Carol (arr. Leo Sowerby)– Public Domain

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (J.J. Chepponis) - Public Domain

The Midnight Clear  (Joel Raney) - Podcast with permission CCLI Licenses #20425240 and #20425257. 

All Throught The Night  (Trad. Welsh Folk Song, arr. M. Magatagan) 

O Holy Child! Thy Manger Streams (G. W. Chadwick) 

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