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The AUC Book Club invites you to an author’s event…

Tuesday, October 15th @ 7pm in the Trinity Sanctuary

(refreshments provided)


Lucy E.M. Black…      

will present her book  ‘The Brickworks’, along with a power point presentation on the extensive research she accomplished to write the book.

‘When the Tay Bridge collapsed in 1879 it killed everyone on the train that was crossing, leaving the son of the driver, young Brodie Smith, traumatized and reduced to poverty as a result of his father’s death. Leaving home determined to make his way in the world, Brodie finds safe haven with his kindly uncle in Edinburgh and studies engineering, intent on demonstrating that the bridge disaster was not his father’s fault. In search of adventure and further opportunities, Brodie travels to Buffalo where he befriends Alistair, another young Scot filled with dreams and ambitions. Together they bring industrialization to a small rural community where they establish a brickworks.’

 Lucy E.M.Black is the author of the short story collection The Marzipan Fruit Basket, the historical fiction novel Eleanor Courtown, and most recently Stella’s Carpet. Her award-winning short stories have been published in Britain, Ireland, USA and Canada, in literary journals and magazines. A dynamic workshop presenter, experienced interviewer and freelance writer, Lucy lives with her partner in Port Perry.

Lucy will be hosted by the AUC Book Club, and introduced by her brother, AUC member, John Kuropatwa. Get your copy of The Brickworks at major bookstores and online.

Watch YouTube video below on The Brickworks

Click HERE to go to Lucy E.M. Black's website