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As National Indigenous Peoples Month comes to a close, we hope everyone enjoyed exploring, learning about, and celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ rich cultures, histories, and languages.

Please continue to learn and celebrate throughout the year!

Here are just a few ways to support Indigenous Peoples:

  • Make a donation to The Healing Fund. The Healing Fund, established in 1994, is a grant that supports healing initiatives in Indigenous communities to address the ongoing impacts of the residential school system. 
  • Justice and Reconciliation Fund (JNR Fund). The JNR Fund was established in 2000 by the Residential Schools Steering Committee of The United Church of Canada to assist the church in understanding and responding to the legacy of harm and broken relationships that have resulted from the Indian Residential School system.
  • Indigenous Ministers Retreat. Northern Indigenous communities are facing an ongoing state of emergency, and their ministers are the only ones readily available to offer care, comfort, and guidance in these situations. For more information and video messages shared by Indigenous ministers for a pastors' retreat, visit the United Church website and consider a Gift to the Pastors Retreat today.

Miigwech/Thank you for your valuable time and consideration in gifting to Indigenous initiatives. To learn more and stay connected, follow the UCCan Indigenous Ministries Facebook page.

Image credit: Wolf Kutahorsky